A perfect place where you can spend a pleasant day with precious seconds is Zanzibar.It is located in a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania in East Africa. It consists of many small islands and two larger ones(Unguja and Pemba).Its capital (Zanzibar city) is located on Unguja island which is informally called Zanzibar.

spending my time wisely in Zanzibar,a place with 2,461 km.sq.(area)

walking in a bright place with a lovely weather,surrounded by people speaking in Swahili( “Kiswahili”, a Bantu language that is extensively spoken in the African Great Lakes region.),and few  speaking in English.A man dressed in white “Kaftan” , holding some books stopped by to get some local made sweets.He paid for the sweets with Tanzanian shillings.He gave me one of the books he was holding,it was a guidebook”Zanzibar” was written boldly on its cover.With the help of the book,I visited different places like House of wonder,Old fort of Zanzibar,Hamamni Persian Baths,Zanzibar Butterfly center,Peace Memorial Museum e.t.c.I also enjoyed some of my time in islands like Unguja,Mafia island,Chumbi island,Bawe island,Tumbatu and the rest.Some hotels and resorts in Zanzibar includes Baraza resort and spa,Next paradise boutique resort,Zanzi resort,Diamond star of the east and more.The beauties of Zanzibar are countless while its memories are unforgettable. 


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