NAMASTE INDIA

Have you ever been to a place surrounded by generous people??.The perfect  definition of such a place is India.

Indians are naturally humble,nice and caring.I had once payed a visit to a friend “Tina”who lives in the capital”New Delhi”. The visit was among the best of my visits. I had  a lot of precious memories of the people,places and all of it. I would like to share some of my Indian memories with you.

India is an Asian country with an area 3.287 million km.sq. Hindi is the official language spoken in Indian.

Indians has their  cultures and norms which they practice  in social interaction and day to day activities.They have their own ways of dressing”sari”and Food preparation(locally)”I love Jalabi and Biryani”.

sari.pngSome of the places in India that you would love to visit include:

Goa,Mumbai,Chennai,Hyderabad,Kolkata,Ahmedibad,(Darjecling and Munnar)”don’t miss those two! “

“Visiting Indian was fun”



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