A Free World(US)



Reading a post recently(#down to bass tracks) I saw something like “Being an American means you are free,”  so I decided to write something on it.    Thinking deeply about it,I realised that the best place a person can live freely with this attribute is the US.The US is a free nation for all,where you can have Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to live life how you decide,freedom of press,freedom to bear arms,right to equal justice,”no quartering right“right freedom to make your own decisions, the right to enjoy many other freedoms and much more.

To me, it’s a happy world for of its freedom and freedom leads to happiness.

More on the US

The US is the third largest country located in North America.It has the sum of 50 states, a total area of 9,826,675 km2, and a population of 320,925,485 (2015 Est.)


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