Plants and We

Did you notice that when we are exhausted,sad or stressed,we go out for fresh air?The secret behind it is whenever we takes a deep breath,it calms our minds and make us more relaxed  “not to talk about the green plants that strengthen our eyes, pretty flowers that excite us with colours and a host of activities of animals,birds and insects like butterflies around us, that makes us curious to learn”.The air we inhale(oxygen) comes from plants,and the gas we exhale (carbon iv oxide) is used by the plants .Which means that the relationship between we and plants is reciprocal .It took me long to understand that plants are best friends of man.”I know you would  have a second thought like how is it possible ….ooh”. We always depend on the plant for food,cloth,medicine,and healthy environment.Moreover, we use them to make and beautify our homes,their flowers are used to symbolise our love and friendship.With this, you would know that plants have much importance in our earth and they help in the beautification of our world.


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