Communication and languages

I have been busy these days,due to my tight schedules,I wasn’t able to blog.

Ni hao

Back to the topic.Joining Arabic language classes,I became a language enthusiast which made me more curious about other languages.Human beings use their tounges and other sing languages to communicate.Though our tongues are the same but sometimes we find difficulties in speaking foreign languages “yet don’t know the reason but will see to that”.

There are 6500 languages in the world.The popular languages among people include Mandarin Chinese,Hindustani,Spanish,Russian,Arabic,Bengali,Portuguese,Malay-Indonesian and french.

Knows how to speak in Arabic,English and Hausa language also understands Korean and French language.

   Shukraan,Thank you,Nagode,Gomabseubnida,Je Vous remercie



4 thoughts on “Communication and languages

  1. Here’s a new language for you…Chamorro.
    In Chamorro, we say “Hafa Adai” (Hello/Greetings). Chamorro is one of the languages spoken in Saipan, an island in the north pacific.

    Adios (Goodbye)-similar to Spanish.


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